Winter Solstice.


For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, Winter Solstice marks the darkest day of the year. The word solstice originates from two words: sol-- meaning “the sun”, and sistere-- meaning “to make stand”. At this junction in our celestial cycle the axis of the Earth takes pause, shifts, and begins to move in the opposite direction. As the sun slips into the most southern point, there is a moment of suspension between darkness and light, an opportunity for sacred pause in our own lives to embrace tranquility and gather our awareness inwards.

During the dark days of winter everything is locked in a deep rest. If you have ever had the luxury of moving through the woods during the depths of winter, you know the tranquility and exceptional silence brought by thick falling snow and frigid temperatures. Seeds buried in suspended progression, animals hibernating, every surface drenched in a heavy blanket of snow. Winter Solstice is a magical time of obscurity-- a space to rest, to honor all that you have cultivated in the year, to exist in a momentary dream state and gather strength for the coming season of rebirth.

Consciously linking our awareness to nature’s cycles has the power to deepen and accelerate our personal growth. Winter can be one of the hardest seasons to embrace, the scarcity and brutality of winter command our respect and attention, Mother Nature’s truly unapologetic season. With nature as our teacher, winter is our opportunity to hibernate and renew. The energy of winter provides penetrating lightlessness, it is out of this silence that our innermost yearnings and new inspirations can eventually emerge.

In celebration, Winter Solstice is a time to gather and share light during the dark days. To reflect on past seasons with the support and embrace of loved ones, to fortify and encourage the evolution of our individual journeys. It is a time to share a warming, hearty meal, to laugh, and nurture the seeds we have planted throughout the year. To reinforce that even in the desolate, frozen months of winter there remains the light of nature’s wisdom and strength in community.

WinterAnna VanugaComment