Sept 1 | The Week


It was a week of fall weather, temperatures in the 70’s during the day, 40’s at night. It’s the first full week I have been in the same house since about July and it feels remarkable. Being home, falling back into a rhythm, having time alone is when I am my happiest. Here is a list of what I am jamming on this week, from a big pot of gut healing Kitchari, to launching my art website and a new playlist.

  1. Kitchari ::: My stomach has been hurting on and off since I returned from Sri Lanka, but it has honestly has been too hot to eat anything warm and hearty. The weather shifted this week and I finally am able to reset by making a big batch of Kitchari and eating it all week. Plus, it’s good practice for the fall detox coming up around the equinox.

  2. Epsom Salt Bath ::: Budget self-care practice, I love getting in a scalding hot bath and meditating or reading a book. This cooler weather is making it especially cozy. I first burn some Palo Santo or sage in the bathroom, then fill up the bath and add Epsom salts, eucalyptus essential oil and dried lavender flowers.

  3. Anna Vanuga Art ::: I have to plug this one, because it really has been a long time coming! Website is finally up and running for my artwork, along with a shop to sell original pieces. You can still find greeting cards on Etsy!

  4. Abhyanga Massage ::: Trying to show myself a little more love these days, small rituals throughout the day help me feel more beautiful and supported. The solo work life can be lonely and it’s hard to set boundaries/practice self-care when there is always so much to get done. This practice helps me hit pause and move back into my feminine nature.

  5. thebirds ::: New playlist on Spotify, music makes such a huge difference in my productivity levels, and I’ve been in a real drought as far as feeling inspired by new musician go. Happy to say the skies have opened and new music is flowing once again.

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