Sept 8 | The Week


  1. Quitokeeto ::: I’m obsessed with all things Heidi Swanson, her blog 101 Cookbooks is a land of food and photography heaven, she is a magical creative through and through. You can only imagine my enthusiasm when I discovered her website selling vintage items. I can’t afford any of it (yet), but I’d be lying if I didn’t cruise through the pages to drool over antique gold bands.

  2. Zara Home ::: Speaking of things I am fantasizing about, this interior design is at the top of the list. Earth tones, minimal decor, wood beams— it’s pretty much everything I dream about in a space.

  3. Restoring the Nervous System ::: The past couple years have brought about a lot of changes, most of them requiring me to up level and step into my worth, release limiting beliefs, and restructure old patterning. That type of work is remarkable, but also incredibly draining and I haven’t done an amazing job at taking care of myself in the process. I’ve been diving into some self-care practices to mitigate anxiety/depression, and support/restore my fried nervous system.

  4. Rag and Stone ::: This amazing artist creates some of my favorite jewelry. I’m dying to add these gold stacks to my small collection.

  5. Flo Living ::: Get the app, read the book, if you are a woman and you don’t know… now you know. Currently working on eating according to the phase of my cycle, will report back on how it goes after a couple months!

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