Aug 25 | The Week


I’ve decided to start doing a weekly summary of what is currently fueling my fire.

It’s late August, I’ve just rolled out from a couple weeks of feeling pretty low, in a rut of sorts. You can feel the seasons starting to shift here in Southwest Montana, my morning walks require an extra layer and you can see a slight orange tinge starting to hit the fringe of the cottonwood leaves along the river banks. I’m in awe of the summer we had this year, every time I step outside I feel a little internal celebration for having missed the normal onslaught of oppressive heat and wildfire smoke that typically accompanies Montana summers. A sweet little reminder that even during low periods there is always room for gratitude.


  1. Nettle, Raspberry Leaf + Tulsi Sun Tea ::: Every morning I combine these herbs in a mason jar and set them on the stoop for a couple hours to brew in the morning sun. Nettle benefits include: reduce joint paint and arthritis symptoms, natural detoxifier, helps prevent anemia, and helps improve digestive function. Raspberry leaf helps support healthy menstruation, and tulsi for reducing stress and boosting energy levels.

  2. City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert ::: I desperately needed to do some reading outside of the health + wellness field, and this book has been an absolute delight so far.

  3. Nucifera Balm ::: Been hunting for a proper face moisturizer for a decade and I finally landed on this magnificent, silk smooth concoction that is doing miracles for my complexion.

  4. Lizzy Jeff ::: One of the many creative, entrepreneurial women I have a crush on at the moment.

  5. Sweet Potatoes + Beets ::: I don’t know what’s going on but I can’t get enough of these food items right now. Eating roasted sweet potatoes almost every evening and beets in everything. Breakfast, lunch + dinner.