Fall Equinox.


As summer slowly winds down, the midday sun sinks lower in the sky and nights become longer and cooler. Even before the kaleidoscope of yellows, reds, and oranges hit the trees our senses tell us the chaos and heat of summer is coming to a close. The end of each season brings with it the closure of another chapter, an opportunity for reflection and digestion.

Fall Equinox is a powerful time of year to honor the seasonal harvest. This could mean a literal harvest of your garden, or metaphorical harvest from your efforts and intentions during the year so far. Gather and reflect on the abundance you’ve cultivated, reflect on the changes you’ve made in any sense, where you stood this time last year, or three years ago. The equinox serves as a point in the year to pause and allow for stillness. When we’re always moving and shaking it can be hard to articulate what our soul genuinely desires, or what we crave cultivating in the months ahead. The stillness, or grounding allows clarity to the questions you’ve had circulating. Becoming quiet allows for internal listening, an awakening to what is trying to emerge within us. Naturally our lives go through phases of growth, harvest, death and rebirth-- just like we witness in nature. If we take time around the equinox to go within and empty out, we are creating fertile soil for our creativity and greater visions. We clear internal ground in the fall and progress into dormancy to rest in the cold and dark of winter. Winter is time for healing, a time for internal hibernation that sets the stage for the rebirth and reawakening of Spring. 

It is within the cycles of the year that we can attune to a higher rhythm. As we consciously link our awareness to nature’s cycles, the understanding of our own cycles begin to deepen.