Efforts Towards Sustainability.

photo by Mishal Ibrahim

I think we’ve reached a point where we can no longer ignore issues of sustainability and the ever increasing environmental problems happening worldwide. The responsibility doesn’t lie solely with governments, it’s in the hands of the individual. Additionally, I find it a little ignorant to consolidate these problems to the “liberal agenda”, it doesn’t matter what side of the isle you stand— we are all on this planet together. I believe if nothing else our single, common thread should be protecting the planets natural resources.

I am incredibly privileged to reside on the outskirts of Yellowstone National Park, I genuinely don’t have the glaring issues of pollution staring me in the face day after day. It wasn’t until I started traveling internationally for extended periods of time where I was confronted with the ugly truth behind human existence. Walking the beaches of Bali along a sea of trash, driving through mountains of waste in Argentina, garbage heaped along the roadsides of Sri Lanka. It has catapulted me into a full fledged rampage on how to live with less plastic waste and more awareness around how I consume and what I am throwing away.

It’s important to remember that any effort is positive, the smallest shift can have a large impact over a duration of time. If we start by making small changes, they are more likely to stick and create lasting habits versus trying to overhaul your whole system at one time. Here are is a short list of some things that help me reduce plastic use and live more sustainably.

  1. Stop using bottled shampoo + conditioner. Think about how many plastic bottles of shampoo you have tossed in the garbage over the years, it’s enough to make a person pass out. Companies are starting to make shampoo + conditioner bars, which aren’t always amazing but fear not! Unwrapped Life makes hair products that are to die for, they leave my hair feeling light and silky after each was, no weird residue or build up.

  2. Bag dryer. Anyone ever throw out their plastic bags because the effort of washing them seems time consuming and boring? We’ve all been there. And where to dry them? Draped over other dishes? Look no further than this awesome bag dryer that helps me reuse plastic bags for weeks and weeks.

  3. Take all your bags, including produce bags to the grocery store. How many times have you forgotten your reusable bags when going to the grocery store and then made the excuse you’ll just use plastic this once? Or worse, you leave the bags in your car and don’t walk out to get them? Stop that. We keep reusable bags in each car and the mudroom so it’s never an excuse. Create a habit out of the reusable bag thing, it’s seriously so easy once you get in the groove. These produce bags from Wilder Goods are amazing for apples, onions, potatoes or any loose produce you might otherwise grab a plastic bag for carrying. Include them in your arsenal.

  4. Stop using plastic to wrap every little thing in the house. These beeswax wraps are amazing and work wonders in the place of plastic. If you care for them properly they can last an exceptionally long time!

Anna VanugaComment