Why Art?


W H Y   A R T ?

Why. Lately, the ominous why is a question I’ve been asking at least once a day. Why am I doing this? What is my long term goal? Why art? It goes beyond my dream, my fantasy of massive canvases and overalls splattered in paint. I started painting because I wanted to share how I felt but couldn’t articulate the emotions beyond splashes of color. I wanted people to feel with me, deeply, platonically, vibrate alongside me with a sense of aliveness.

I am still scratching the surface of my own creative journey. Day by day I am uncovering more of the why, and the more I ask the more I discover.

W H Y  D O W E  N E E D A R T  I N O U R L I V E S ?

Art elevates mood. Studies have shown that looking at works of art can create a surge of dopamine into the same area of the brain that registers enjoyment, contentment and passionate love. Artwork is the distillation of a creator’s wisdom about life on earth. In life, we experience loads of fragmentation from thoughts and feelings, art gathers the particles and makes them cohesive.

 Art inspires and cultivates creativity. Without art, artistic expression suffers, thus, decreasing appetite for imagination and inspiration. Having original artwork nurtures creativity and personal exploration. Art makes a home more human, more unique, more relatable. Hand selected art in the home profoundly describes an individual without uttering a single word.


 Art validates and acknowledges our emotions. It could be a memory or a feeling, a tingle of indescribable excitement, art evokes powerful sensitivity and fervor. Art stretches boundaries and encourages growth, it provides intellectual challenge, helps us remember, inspires, and nurtures connectivity.

 I could go on for pages about why it is important to create, sell, buy and appreciate artwork. In a world where millions of generic, lifeless, factory produced items overflow shelves, where neighborhood houses all look the same, and chain box stores and restaurants line the streets of every town, I feel it is more vital than ever to tap into the handmade, the authentic, the original.

Owning original art has unequivocally positive effects. Beautiful handmade mugs, thick and delicious oil paintings, captivating photography, jewelry, leather work, carvings, and all the varieties of artwork in-between make life so irresistibly delightful and fun.

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